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Motorcycle jug installation over pistons

I am looking for a good video that would show the best way to drop the jug on a inline 4 cylinder motorcycle onto the pistons.

Have you looked through YouTube?

Like here;

Not air-cooled but still similar here;

A different method;

Hope that helps

It’s not that hard, sometimes it can be done without special tools. The bottoms of most motorcycle cylinders have a chamfer cut into them that helps you compress the rings. Just gently rock the pistons back and forth and the chamfer compresses the rings as you lower the cylinder block. A second person to help you comes in handy on a four cylinder bike.

Yeah, just make sure to pull the timing chain up with a string before the cylinder block goes on.

Yes I tried that but broke a couple rings doing it that way. Waiting to get the rings now.


1982 kawasaki kz550c ltd

Move the center two to the top, Insert the rings on these first. I have always used my fingers to push the rings in one at a time. Then you rotate the engine so the outside cylinders come up slightly. Now repeat on the outside jugs. It is easier to focus on only 2 pistons at a time. It is not that difficult but does take some patience. A second set of hands is bonus. I have done it about a dozen times on the old CB750 engines.

If you let your timing chain down into the bottom end while doing this it will also help. You can easily fish it out with a telescoping magnet or a grab type claw.

My best advise it make sure that you have your base gasket on correctly and all your O rings in place. Nothing is more maddening than to get all the rings in place and have to pull the jugs and start over because you forgot a O ring.

Yes thank you.