Motor oil inside ps resivior

It is most definitely motor oil inside the power steering reservoir or what i believe it is… But its mixed with the ps fluid aswell.

You did not have to start a whole new thread for this comment. It would have been best to answer your on original post.

The motor oil is too thick for power steering fluid but it won’t hurt the seals. Suck it out with a turkey baster and pour in the proper fluid (the proper type is in your owner’s manual). Run it a day or 2 and suck the fluid out again and put in fresh power steering fluid. That should get most of the oil out.

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Ok so today i drove my car to work and i noticed it kind of blew some smoke out of the exhaust pipe and then i opened the hood and checked the ps and it was overflowing with what i think is motor oil.

I am thinking that what is over flowing is not the power steering . Are you mistaking the coolant overflow tank for the power steering. And if oil is really going places it shouldn’t then you need a good shop to look at this thing.

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Im thinking it could be the head gasket blown? .

The power steering hydraulics are independent of the engine, the oils do not mix.

You might be looking at the cooling system reservoir, if it is polluted and boiling over then the head gasket is very likely damaged.

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Ok i need to know of a good how to video for changing the head gasket for this ford focus i tried 1A auto nothing tried ratches and wrenches nothing even some ford guy nothing please help me out…ive kind of already started and im afraid to go farther and mess it up

Don’t do it. Using to internet to decide difference between p/s reservoir and coolant tank?

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You are in over your head. You don’t even have positive proof that you need a head gasket on this vehicle. I am not the only one who wonders if you are even looking at the power steering reservoir. Spend the money for a shop to diagnose and tell you what is really going on . They will also give you a ball park price on fixing this thing.


I have to second that opinion. While it is possible that the OP’s mechanical skills are much more advanced than it would appear, I have to question whether he really has the necessary skills for this type of repair.

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