Motor Oil in Transmission

I was in a rush this morning, and accidently started to put motor oil in my transmission. I noticed before less than half of a quart was put into it. As well, my transmission already has a horrendous leak in it (which is why I need to put motor oil in it at least 2 times a week.)

Can I drive my car with that amount of motor oil in it? Or will it completely damage my car? What are the chances the leak in my transmission as is will make this problem easier to deal with?

That shouldn’t cause a problem.

Some people put all kinds of motor oil in the transmission, just not every day. Should be OK.

I wouldn’t want to drive a car with motor oil mixed in with trans fluid for any considerable length of time…

But if the leak is really that bad, the motor oil won’t be in there long. :slight_smile:

Do you know where the leak is? It should really get fixed. Could be a simple cheap repair, such as a trans pan gasket, or it could be horrendous… :slight_smile:

Its fine. I commonly use motor oil during transmission rebuilds while assembling clutch drums. I probably use more than you put in. Keep driving.