Motor/Engine Mounts in Volvo S-60


I have 1, possible 2 motor mounts in my 2001 Volvo S-60 that kind of crunch/squeak when I go over small bumbs. Actually, the lower passenger side mount does the majority of the crunching noise. The upper mount (visible when you lift the hood) does it more so when its cold and the rubber contracts.

I’m not 100% sure the lower motor mount is what’s making that crunching noise - but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is as the suspension is in decent shape.

My question is, is it possible to change the lower motor mount myself? I’ve heard that the engine needs to be supported when doing this, but is that so when you need to only change one? Also, does it actually need to be changed or would any kind of lubricant help?

Thank you!


The job is ranked a three out of five wrenches in the Hanyes S60 Owner’s Workshop Manual. I have always heard that if you are going to change one mount, its just as easy to change them all. Save the top mount, which seems to wear out quicker.

The “issue” is that, “…Take care not to raise the engine/transmission by more than 30 mm, otherwise the inner left-hand constant velocity joint will be damaged.” The manuals instructions state, “Attach suitable lifting equipment to the engine, or position a jack with protective wooden block under the sump or transmission as necessary.”

Unless you are a fairly experienced home mechanic, this is one of those jobs that you could do yourself, but given the risk of expensive damage, its advisable to take it to a garage. The good thing is that you don’t need a Volvo dealer or garage used to working on Volvo’s. So, you can order the parts from IPD in Portland ( and have your local garage install. I would order the Haynes manual also - future reference and for the local garage to use as a reference. IPD is also a great reference, if in doubt, just give them a call before ordering. They supply Volvo parts throughout North America and even ship overseas. If you take your car to a local garage that works on Volvos, chances are the parts came from IPD.

On a side note, the S60 is really nice in that its fairly easy to do a lot of work on it yourself. I live 6 hours from a reputable Volvo dealer (local one is crooked and about to be dropped by Volvo). So, I do most things myself, then drive it to Portland, OR for big jobs like the timing belt. If you are located in the Pacific Northwest, keep in mind that Jim Fisher in Portland is one of the top five Volvo dealers in North America. Plus, they don’t gauge you on service. They charged me $850 for the timing belt/water pump job, the local Volvo dealer wanted $1,300 + $350 “if it needs a water pump.”

Last bit of advice, if you have a smart phone, get GasCubby. It tracks your MPG, but you can also enter all the service items. So as long as you enter the milage when you fill up gas, GasCubby will alert you when its time to do various services.

Also, does it actually need to be changed or would any kind of lubricant help?

Lubricant might make the noise go away briefly, but its not going to solve the issue. At this age, its just time for new engine mounts.

Also, if you have shaking at around 45-50 mph, you probably need a new transmission mount. Which you can change yourself. IPD has a video on their website and at YouTube that shows this job being done. They also have their own aftermarket transmission mount that is better than the original. If your doing the engine mounts, swap out the transmission mount also.

Your noise could perhaps be coming from the transmission mount, you could try swapping that one first and see what happens. Do inspect the engine mounts, you can visually see if they need to be replaced. The SwedeSpeed forum has photos that can guide you on inspecting the mounts.

A crunch or squeaking noise when going over bumps is an indication of a suspension or steering component not a motor mount.
I just replaced an upper and lower mount on a Volvo, the lower mount was in pieces, it made a clunking noise under accleration and deceleration only.