Montero oxygen sensor failure

My 2002 Mitsubishi Montero needs to have all oxygen sensors replaced and to be “flashed.” The car is running rough and almost dies sometimes. The Mitsubishi company has ordered a repair notice, but not a recall. This failure is happening across the board to this make and model. This repair will cost $1300.00 and up (my mechanic will cut me a deal):slight_smile: Why is there no recall? How can I help make it happen? If I repair, and there is a recall, can I get my money back? This is the equivalent to a mortgage payment. I have contacted the B.B.B and attorney general to no avail so far. Please advise and help.

No car company can stand behind every part forever, pure and simple. If they did then they would all have been bankrupt long ago.
The vehicle is 6 years old and things happen.

The question at this point is why all of the O2 sensors failed - IF they did.
I assume the Check Engine Light is on? What codes is the computer spitting out?

Keep in mind that O2 sensors can also be killed by owner negligence also; overheating, continuing to operate a vehicle with a chronic performance problem, coolant into the combustion chambers, etc.

If there ever is a recall then sometimes you can get reimbursed, to a point. I would not hold my breath waiting on a recall though.
If there is a problem with the ECM (computer, which is what I assume you mean by flashed) warranty should cover this if the vehicle has less than 80k miles.

Whether there is a TSB Technical Service Bulletin, or not, your car still needs proper troubleshooting. The routine, scheduled maintenance not being performed could have caused the problem. These parts should have been changed recently: fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs and wires, pcv valve, etc. Then, the troubleshooting begins… by the repair manual.

Get another estimate. $1,300 seems quite excessive for a couple of oxygen sensors.

There is no recall because it is not considered a safety issue. Just bad luck. BTW, these O2 sensors are designed to be replaced easily. There are 5 sensors in this truck. Parts train lists them at an average of $115 per. That’s almost $600 in parts. Plus, most shops charge labor time listed in a book PER EACH SENSOR. So, $1300 does sound about right. But, it will not cost the 5+ hours to replace all the sensors. One and a half hours tops for all of them.

Also, not all five sensors are needed. The two rear sensors are emissions only, and do not affect the performance. These can be put off for a bit, but you’ll suffer a check engine light until they are fixed.

Wow, thanks.
A whole new world of info these days. I am assuming you read the other replys.? It used to be so simple, sorry guess you heard that before. Gonna take this info and drive to the country (Delano) where people are are still honest and forthright. I’ll let you know.
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Please read more info in reply to ok4450. Thanks a heap.