Mold smell 2006 Impala

Once in a while when I turn on the air conditioner a moldy smell comes out of the vents. About a year ago we had the Chevy dealer apply BG Frigi-clean to eliminate the odor. It has not worked. We also changed the air filter in the dash - no difference. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Was The Dealer Cognizant Of Any Applicable GM Technical Service Bulletins ?

A 4 page bulletin that they have access to runs them through solutions for correcting A/C odor in GM vehicles, including checking the A/C condensate drain hose, checking if the vehicle has a functioning factory equipped imbedded afterblow enable feature (and if not it may be added with the Electronic Evaporator Dryer Module Kit), and for immediate relief gives detailed application instructions for evaporator “Cooling Coil Coating.”


Try spraying lysol into air intake vents with blowers on high…

Thanks CSA. I would have hoped the dealer would have checked for the bulletin you mentioned when I brought the car in, but apparently not. Thankfully we have another Chevy dealer in town I can try. I’ll give them a call this week. Thanks again.

Tried this once already but it didn’t appear to take, so if I double post please forgive. I’m going to try the other dealer in town to see if they’ll check for the bulletin CSA mentioned. If I have no luck with them I’ll try the Lysol next. Here’s a silly question for you. Where are the intake vents? Are they the vents on the bottom, outside of the windshield under the wiper blades? Thanks for your help.

Also had moldy smell in my 03 Impala this spring (never garaged). The space under a plastic cover in front of the windshield and the drains running from there down in front of the doors was filled with leaves and molding stuff. I removed the plastic cover, flushed it all out with a garden hose (amazing amount of stuff - keep flushing the space in front of the doors until nothing more comes out, leave doors open in sun on a hot day to let it dry), removed the cabin air filter (found instructions on line), sprayed Lysol into the air intake while the fan was running, installed a new filter (Pep Boys). Problem completely solved.