Mold be gone!

Ok folks I am in desperate need of help! I drive truck over the road and am often gone for weeks at a time. I recently came home to discover that excessive rains had caused minor flooding in my shop. I had a r&r corner with carpet that was completely soaked and as a result my sons car and BOTH of my wifes cars now have mold in them (greeen mold) as i had left the windows open to prevent that musty storage smell. Tow cars have cloth interior and one has leater. How can i tell if it is toxic mold (i know none of it is good for you) and how can i remove it without gutting the cars? They are an 84 olds delta 88, a 98 chevy blazer, and an 84 subaru gl 4x4. Please help!!!

You can take a sample of it and have it checked but black is the bad stuff not necessarily green. Call your local health department, environmental division to ask for a lab reference. Problem now is how to stop it with bleach without ruining the interior. Might want to just have a detailer dry it and clean it but I think seats and carpet have to come out for drying and cleaning.

I recently had some mold remediation done on a house I owned. The pros used an organic biocide sold as Benefect. Safe and very effective where you can spray it on the mold.

For hidden stuff I have used chlorine dioxide gas. Biocide Systems sells a car kit I have used for mouse odor. Libraries use this gas to kill mold and mildew in storage areas. Penetrates well. Can’t remember name will post back if I find it.

Edit: it’s named Auto Shocker

You may need professional help. There are auto shops that do mold remediation.