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Mobile oil change needed in Phoenix, AZ

My daughter says she doesn’t have time to get her car’s oil changed after driving her 94 Oldsmobile cross country last Fall. Is it her way of getting a newer car? Does anyone know of a mobile oil change guy (or woman) in Phoenix who could drive to her location on N. Central Ave. and change the oil and filter before it’s too late???

I know supervisors who say they don’t have time for some things. I tell them that they are the boss and they have to make the time. She doesn’t have time for engine repair either. There should be some mobile types in the phone book. There are also some places that will pick up the car and drop it off. There is a lot in Phoenix. A lot of everything.

Is it due for an oil change? Just driving across country is not a reason for an oil change, in fact that is easy on the oil. Is she going to school? Maybe she is doing too much party time. In any case, I doubt if you are going to have much luck. She just does not want to bother and will have to learn the hard way. Sometimes that is the best way in the long run. If she is old enough to live out of the family it is time she learns (the hard way) that she now has personal responsibilities. Not changing the car’s oil is really a minor one compared to some of the others.

Let go of this. You have done your job of reminding her. Now stand back and let her handle the situation herself.

“Is it her way of getting a newer car?”

No. It’s her way of rebelling against parental authority. (Guess what? I used to raise children myself.)

“No. It’s her way of rebelling against parental authority. (Guess what? I used to raise children myself.)”

Yea I can remember my wife time and time again telling my son he had to wear a hat when he went out if it was cold. Finally one day I put my foot down. Let him go out as he wishes, if he gets cold he will get his hat. He turned out OK, I managed a PHD in engineering.

If I had a car that I disliked that much I probably wouldn’t be willing to drive it cross country. It [oil] might not need to be changed anyway, how many miles did that trip put on the car? 5000 miles is the absolute most she can let it go probably but again the decisions are hers to make.

How old is your daughter? Is the car yours or hers?

If your daughter is an adult and the car is hers, let it go. You can’t fix this problem by taking care of it for her. Obviously, she doesn’t value the car enough too take proper care of it and if you force the issue, you are not doing her a favor.

I think it’s nice that you’re concerned about your daughter and her car, as long as you don’t get gray hairs over it. Click here:;jsessionid=7DB7FAE664640913D5B47B7CC2C72442.worker4

Show your daughter this post. Maybe she’ll be moved that a fuss is being made over her! Good luck, Stillrunnin.

She needs to be asked how much time she will spend walking when her car is totaled.

I’m afraid more of the younger generation know less about what makes technology work than those in my generation. Today, either something works or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t work, it is discarded and replaced. That is true for televisions, computers, refrigerators and apparently even automobiles. Our present generation can certainly use technology, but the real understanding of how it works isn’t there. The “why” one would do maintenance on an automobile just isn’t understood by many people today.

This is an old discussion, but since I just found a mobile oil change service in Phoenix, maybe some other folks have been looking, too. Their website is I don’t know anything about them but it looks good.

Let her learn the hard-way…No oil change…BLOW-UP-ENGINE.

I read this as Mommy and Daddy will fork out for the next car. Just guessing, but it fits fine.

Until this past May when I retired, I had to really prioritize my time. In earlier years, I found it was faster to change the oil myself rather than take the car to a garage to be serviced. I do have free oil changes on my 2011 Sienna that I purchased in March of 2010. The waiting room has free coffee and cookies. I take my laptop and do my work while I munch on the cookies and drink coffee. Usually, the service department finishes the car too quickly–I am right in the middle of something and would like another cup of coffee.
At any rate, by proper planning my time, I can get my work finished, my cars maintained, keep up with other obligations and still have time to give people who read this board bad advice.

As has already been mentioned this is an old thread. Although I don’t recommend it, if the crankcase is kept full a car can go a long time without the engine blowing up. About 20 years ago I had a daily driver I drove to work on construction sites that used/leaked so much oil (quart about every 300-500 miles) that I never changed it, just added oil when it needed it and even then I was using burnt motor oil that I drained from my better cars for topping off oil. When I sold the car it had been over 31K miles since it’s last oil change and the oil consumption wasn’t getting any worse. The reason I sold it was because I bought something that got better gas mileage. The person I sold the car to drove it for another year or two after I sold it to him and I suspect the reason he got rid of it wasn’t because the engine gave way, but because the catalytic converter had been removed and the state started requiring emissions testing.