Mobil Super 5000 Conventional Oil Comments

I have been a long time user of Pennzoil and Quaker State oils but since moving to Northern California have been seeing Mobil One Super 5000 for sale at a somewhat discount to either my two regulars. Has anyone used the Mobil brand and if so do you feel it is as good a quality as Pennzoil and Quaker State which now are owned by the same company.

Thanks for the thoughts

I wouldn’t worry about any oil that has the API seal of approval.

To my mind Mobile is every bit as good as Pennzoil and/or Quaker State. Any major brand will meet the same API (American Petroleum Institute) and SAE (Society for Automotive Engineering) standards. Visit the API and/or SAE website(s) to learn more.

The important thing to know is about the type of oil; dino, synthetic, or blend. Again, the sites referenced will be full of excellent information.

I’ve also attached a link to a site designed to be more user-friendly for the non-technical among us. I think you’ll find it interesting.

For the record, I use the WalMart brand. Any oil with the API and SAE badges on them will meet the standards, and to me the most important thing isn’t brand-specific, but rather religious oil changes and monitoring. And I drive my cars for hundreds of thousands of miles and have never worn out an engine.

All I use now is Mobil. Used to use Penza but didn’t like how filthy it left my engines.

I’d have no problem using it, if it’s the right grade and type. It’s as good as any other like oil.

Brand is meaningless. Just make sure it meets and likely now exceeed spec for vehicle, change it regularly and top it off and your engine will likely outlast your ownership.

How many vehicles do you have and how many cases per year of oil do you buy? How often do you change oil?

It’s been my experience that all major name-brand oils are just about the same, and the the price difference between any of them is negligible.

i have been using this oil from the 70s up . used it in drag cars as well as daily drivers best oil ever made .it started out as Exxon uniflo back in the 70s when i first used it it was in a cardboard sided gold and white tin top can you had to use one of the old bottle openers on the pointed end to open. later years they changed the name to exxon superflo and put it in a red plastic bottle like oil comes in now. then mobile bought out exxon and changed the name to mobile 5000 that’s how long i have been using it . all through out the years it was the number one selling motor oil in the south where i live. then all the synthetic stuff that is all junk came out and to make sure the higher priced stuff sold every parts house around here stopped carrying mobile 5000 because as long as it was still around at a cheaper price they could not sell the higher priced synthetic oil . no one around here in tn carries it so the only place i can find it is in mussel shoals al. about 70 miles from me . so once a year i make the trip to get a whole pick up truck load of the oil there at the rural king farm store the only place i know of that carry’s it now. when they first stopped carrying it here i had to use something so i tried pennz oil. havoline, valvoline and many others .and with all of them my trucks that never had used any oil before even if i did not get the time to change it at 5,000 miles and some times more like 8-10 thousand miles never used the first drop between changes ever ,did use oil between changes with all other oils. take it from a 64 year old retired farmer, drag racer, mechanic that has used this oil in everything from farm tractors, race cars , motorcycles , lawn mowers and everything else for the last over 50 years you will never find any oil as good as mobile 5000 at any price ! i have put this oil in trucks that i bought that used oil when i bought them and after the second oil change they stopped using oil with this mobile 5000. i have a 2006 silverado extra cab with a 5.3 i have used this oil in for 12 years now that now has 468.000 miles on it and does not use the first drop of oil between changes and never has since i had it and still runs like a new one. i pull a 20 foot car hauler trailer with it all over the usa hauling back other trucks and cars i buy on line running 70-80 mph on the interstate . trust me its the best ever made and i wouldn’t use anything else .