Moaning Taurus

After driving 75 miles on the interstate, my 97 Taurus moans when in stop/go traffic. Sound comes from middle of back seat. Could it be a heat shield or manifold cover?

The moan might be from a fuel pump that’s on it’s way out. The fuel pump is located inside the gas tank. And the gas tank is mounted under the vehicle between the rear suspension and the back seat. One way to check for this is, when the moan is occuring is to stop the vehicle with the engine running, and reach under the vehicle and place your hand on the gas tank. If it’s the fuel pump, you’ll feel the moaning noise transfer into the gas tank.


Wouldn’t it moan on short trips as well? Or is driving the car 75 miles at 70mph stressing the fuel pump? The car only has 55K miles, but I do let it get very low before refilling the tank.