Mitsubishi Pajero to cold to start

Most mornings, my diesel pajero won’t start. It’s driving me nuts! It will start once the sun has warmed the car up, but by then I’m already late for work. Any sugestions?

First how cold is it? How old is your car and battery? Where are you (what part of what country? How cold is it there?

If the starter seems to be turning the engine over slowly, then likely it is a battery problem.

If it just turned cold were you are or if you bought fuel from a station in a warmer area or a station that does not sell much diesel you may have a summer blend and it may be gelling. If so you may need to add an additive. If you are using BioDiesel, this is a bigger problem.

If the battery sounds good, then, with out knowing your car I would suggest a possible glow plug issue. You are waiting untl the glow plug light goes out before trying to start the car? Consider turning the key, letting the glow plug light go out and then turning the key off and back on letting the glow plug light go out the second time before trying to start the car.

just a thought; does your car have a block heater installed? do you use it?

but after further thought, i think JEMs thought of fuel gelling is really important. in the extreme cold diesel gels, and wont “flow.” make sure you buy diesel at a reputable dealer, and make sure to ask if they have winter diesel, or a kerosene blend in their tank. (that is what YOU want, “winter blend” or K 1 diesel mix.)

just curious where you live? the pajero is a rebranded montero, ending production in 2000. and most have been resold out of asia. where is yours?

after doing some internet sleuthing, it appears that these mitsu’s have a reputation for needing new glow plugs often. there seems to be a high burn out among the glow plugs. and it is recommended to replace ALL of them when you have it done. (it seems one bad one, is just like having NO glow plugs at all) and if one is gone the rest…