Mitsubishi Outlander 07 OVERHEATED

On a recent camping trip my friend noticed what appeared to be my coolant leaking from under the car. We couldnt locate the source of the leak but appeared to be coming from the top some where. When preparing to leave camp I checked my levels n topped them up for the drive hm. Within about an hr of the trip the enigine light came on with warning that car was overheating. Being on a major highway I had to keep driving to find a safe place to pull off the road to which the car stalled and died.
When we were able to lift the bonnet I noticed my radiator cap was missing and a hose blown off. My friends pulled over to assist me and topped up oil due to oil light being on but i was adamant I always check my levels. So in order to start the car they topped it up with about 4.5lt of oil. Either way even if the car started I refused to drive it hm n called a tow truck.
The next day I go out to my garage to check oil level and to my shock the oil was way past full n half way up the dip stick. So i pulled the sump plug to relieve the excess oil before sending it to mechanic as car was only bought 3 months ago and was still under warranty. I panicked thinking they would point the finder at excess of oil and put that at fault. When I pulled the plug coolant came out first then i drained about 11lts of fluid.
The vehicle has now been towed to mechanic for an assessment and with out speaking to me put through a report to the insurance company as human error that the radiator cap was missing and as result car lost coolant n over heated.

I need help and a second opinion

Your oil light was on because the car stalled…you didn’t need to add oil.

My guess is that because engine overheated, your head gasket ruptured leaking coolant into your oil.

And this is why. Next time, as soon as the light comes on warning of an overheating engine, pull over right away even if you have to go into the grassy median.


Just a guess, but since the mechanic already notified the warranty provider that human error has caused additional damage, I doubt a second option will be of benefit.

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The engine way more than likely has severe damage and I also suspect that you will find the warranty means nothing. There was a lot of human error involved and that alone is reason enough to deny any warranty claim.

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