01 volkswagon gti oil light and over heat

I have a 2001 gti, driving home today my temperature slowly started rising, oil light came on. Anyone helo

First…stop your VW. Second…check your oil after cooling down the engine. Third…report back to us with your findings. Fourth…good luck since it’s a VW.

Missileman has given you some very good advice, as he usually does.
However, as the old saying tells us, “The Devil is in the details”, and–unfortunately–the OP has omitted some very important details regarding this Volkswagen.

What we need to know includes…
whether the OP has attempted to start the engine since that incident…
what the OP found when checking the level of both the coolant and the motor oil…
and, most important of all…
how far the OP drove once the “oil light” lit up and the engine began overheating.

I’m also curious when the last time the OP checked his/her oil and coolant levels. I’m guessing never.

This is not a VW issue. VW manufactures fine engines and transmissions.
However, if neglected as this one appears to be they will fail just as surely as anything else rolling down the pike.

OK so I towed it to my house. Does not look like the oil and coolant mixed. Oil level is fine. Needed coolant though which I just flushed 3 weeks ago

And just so you know since people make comments on here that are idiots. I changed my oil 2 weeks ago.

Nothing was neglected I take very good care of my cars. I do all the maintenance myself.

Car went half a mile once the oil light came on.

"Car went half a mile once the oil light came on. "

That is not a good thing.
When you see an “oil light” (presumably a low oil pressure warning light) show up, the best thing to do is to pull off the road as quickly as it is safe to do, shut down the engine, and not restart it until you can determine whether you have a defective oil pressure sensor, a low oil level, or–the worst-case scenario–low oil pressure.

The low pressure could be the result of a bad oil pump, although that is extremely rare. What is much more common is low oil pressure as a result of the build-up of sludge in the engine’s oil passages.

OK put antifreeze in car, started the car immediately the temp light came on. Some antifreeze ran out, car sounded normal. No oil light. Have condensation on one of the hoses the hose that runs in to top of motor and to intake.

Condensation after I started the car

Unfortunately I Couldn’t Pull Over Immediately, So I Went Maybe Half A MILE Then Had It Towed Back To My house. Read above for my findings today

Just got off the phone with vw They Said Most Likely Would Not Be A Head Gasket As The Car Started And Said would be a rare occurrence in a vw.

OK went back to car after I had started it earlier, the antifreeze is running out back behind the motor almost what seems like under the dash

Maybe the water pump? Or blown seal in turbo?

Or a leak in a hose to the heater core.

Or a busted heater core.

Would that cause the oil light to come on?

It could of it allowed the engine to overheat and begin shutting down.

Don’t take the earlier comments personally. You started by giving us very little information, and since we don’t know anything about you or your car, we’ll have a lot of questions. The first will be whether you’ve maintained it. The second is often whether you’ve recently had work done. The third might be WHY the recent work was done. Why was it done? That may very well be related to your problems, but we can’t know unless you tell us.