Mitsubishi Montero maintenance

I am purchasing a 1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport XLS, w.155,000 miles, seems to be running decently. Previous owner cannot find his repair receipts, and, auto shop that did many of the repairs, says they had a computer failure that erased all records before 2010 ( ?? ). I had another auto service run an overall inspection on it and they listed some issues, 1) oil leak from Valve cover gasket, 2) Radiator fluid looks like 100 percent antifeeze, 3) seeping around the master cylinder, 4) front brake bearings may need to be replaced, and since I have few records I do not know when the timing belt was last changed. Also, a few other items less expensive to fix. Again the engine runs smooth and car operates well, with just a little hot oil smell from the leak. I intend to address these issues, but…

My problem is how do I find a reputable auto mechanic for the repairs, in the DFW area? I don’t want to pay the most, and, definitely don’t wish to pay cheap (as that may be what I get in return). Prefer reliable for a fair price. My friends know of no one they can recommend and online reviews seem to almost be to perfect to be true (only one Auto shop took the time to respond professionally to any negative comments posted, which I thought was a bit impressive). Any suggestions? any questions? Tks ahead of time.

The problems noted are not uncommon on a car of that vintage and mileage. And many people don’t keep their service records. And computers do malfunction. But I assume you’ve comparison shopped and this is the best selection at the price. You will need to have what is wrong fixed. So you do need to find a shop.

Most everyone who owns a car has to take it to a shop to get it serviced or repaired from time to time. If none of your personal contacts you’ve asked to date is able to offer up who they use to do this for their cars, keep asking the rest of your personal contacts list. Eventually you’ll get a personal reference. Me, I’d never rely on anything other than a personal reference when selecting an auto shop.

Tks, GSJ, The repairs don’t bother me just trying to get it right the first time.

Reminds me, one time I was there in Dallas with nothing to do for the evening, and walked into a place where I heard a lot of loud music. Not too far from that restaurant on a tower that spins around in a circle. Anyway, I asked them there at the bar what they recommended. They served up something, a beer of some type, called a “Black Mamba”. My advice, this is more important than any car advice: If somebody offers you this drink, turn it down! Or at least limit consumption to one bottle. Oh, my aching head!! … lol …

By the way, my friends do tell me where they take their car to be serviced. Unfortunately, they are generally less informed about the mechanics they use than even I am. So their advice is limited.

Click on ‘mechanics files’ above, and find a mechanic near you.

To Texases; I already did that, unfortunately most of the reviews are the same as other review sites, most all 100% positive. very few lower rated or negative reviews. and generally the info is gloss over info, such as how fast they fixed it, how nice they are, and how clean the waiting room is. Much less on the technical skill application towards the auto problem. I am hoping that Car Talks site I might find more people with more usable info, on the technical skills of local mechanics. I already have divided out some shops by BBB, AAA noted, and ASE certification.

Have you tried Angies list?

I had good luck, twice, with the Mechanics Files.

I don’t know if you’ll find much of the super-detailed info you’re looking for.

DFW area?

The first thing you want to tackle is the timing belt

@oldtimer11, DFW = Dallas/Fort Worth

And, I agree with @db4690. Timing belt first, and I’d also include changing all the fluids and restarting the clock on that. I typically do a complete fluid change on all older cars with no service records just so I know it’s been done.

DFW = Dallas-Fort Worth. I agree BK/db.