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Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 ignition coils

I have mitsubishi lancer 2008 1.8L CVT (last gen) and I need to change the ignition coils.
I searched online but couln’t find which ignition coils I need, can someone help me find the exact coil that I need?

The only engine Rockauto lists for a 2008 lancer is a 2.0 liter.

Yes that’s what I saw on alot of places, only 2.0L availble, but I guess they are using the same parts since it is the only option on alot of places. but can’t be sure thats why I ask…

Call your local parts house . At least if they give you the wrong ones you can exchange easily .

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Those are for the 2.0, OP has a 1.8 are they the same coils ?

Aiden is not in the US according to one of his other posts . So looking up parts here will not help.

Aiden , Mitsubishi as a brand in the US has one foot in the grave . Do you not have a dealer or parts house to use ?

Yeah, Mitsubishi in my country are really famous and parts are not problem here, but the thing is that I don’t trust any of the dealers here, they always sell you not oem parts for a really expensive price.
I prefer buying parts from amazon or any other site that will ship to my country and I already did but for this one I couldnt find the exact coils that I need…

… and the other foot on a banana peel.
In my neck of the woods, there are more dealerships (each) for Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, and Jaguar than there are for Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi does not make parts . They have them made for their assembly lines by many different companies . And you would trust a web seller who might have counterfeit parts while you local dealer will sell you just the same things as they would use in their shop ?

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Only 2 dealers near me and each of them are at least an hour away.

I strongly suggest that if you change the coils that you also change the spark plugs. Aged high miles plugs with even subtle misfires can do coils in at some point.

And this is just my personal opinion, but with the plugs out I would run a compression test also. The last thing you want to do is throw time and money at a performance problem if one or more cylinders have compression numbers that are going downhill.


by saying that they sell you not oem parts I meant that they sell you for example a mazda 3 part for your volkswagen… even tho it might match both cars but it was just an example.
I know Mitsubishi is a dead brand in the US, but not here… I mean Suzuki cars are not even in the US anymore and their cars are really reliable. every country has different needs for cars…
@ok4450 already have a new set of spark plugs, good idea to do a compression test, I will probably.

So what , if it fits and does what it supposed to do that is all that matters . No shop is going to hold parts on the shelf for 13 years . You are making this too difficult.

Not that it matters but where are you ?

Well, but if that part will damage your car somehow? car brands recommand a specific part for a replacment, going with an other part doesnt seem right… just what I think…
i’m from israel, you just dont know how shops work here and i can understand that, but believe me, they ruin cars.

as long as the aftermarket part meets or exceeds OEM requirements, you’ll be fine, even if it’s a generic part that would work in multiple cars. Think about oil filters, the filter isn’t unique to one certain model, and there are multiple options in different brands for replacement.


All of them ? I think not or the whole country would come to a stand still .

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For quite a few years, my brother’s foreign car mechanic was an Israeli guy who had relocated to The US. My brother used this guy’s garage for quite a few years, due to both his expertise and his very fair pricing. If my brother hadn’t moved to a different state, I am pretty sure that he would still be going to that guy’s shop.

But that’s the thing… i’m sure not all parts meets the oem requirements… so you can’t really know what parts they are replacing. they don’t tell you what brand they are using. and it’s not just that, they always make you replace parts that are totally fine, all they wanna do is making more money from you. they don’t care about your car.
obviously not all of them are like that, but most of them are, you can’t really know… it’s a known thing in here… thats why people that can are taking care of their cars by themself.
it’s not just me…

From looking at a UK based parts house the coil for a 1.8 Lancer is the same one as used on the 2.0 as well.