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Mitsubishi Emission Filter?


My Service Engine Soon light came on immediately before I failed an emissions test and received code P0455 (Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected). I brought it to the dealer who ran a smoke test and found a leak from the evap solenoid. They said I need a $142 part - MR 552720 (which online is listed only as an emissions filter). Local parts stores have no idea what this is. My brother is a regional sales rep for NAPA and he called a half dozen Mitsubishi dealers near him and not a single one has ever actually seen the part and said it’s unlikely i need a new one at only 40,000 miles. And he said it’s unlikely this is what I need since my Service Engine Soon light has not come back on. What is this part and is it possible that I don’t actually need it and can now pass the emissions test? Thanks!

Forgot to add that this is a 2004 Eclipse GS 2.4 Liter V4, 5 speed manual transmission

It’s called a vent solenoid or purge solenoid. It allows the hydrocarbon fumes entrapped in the activated charcoal bed of the charcoal canister to be drawn in to the engine and burned.

It sounds to me like the dealer did a proper diagnosis. Mileage be darned, if you need one then you need one. Even if others have never seen one. Chances are that what happened is that the purge vent/solenoid malfunctioned in an intermittant manner. Electromechanical parts can do that on rare occasions.

I’d go back and get it retested for emissions. If you pass, then just keep it in mind. If it trips the light again you’ll need to replace it. And it will not do further damage to the car.

OOC, have you had this car sitting for a long time?

this seems to be a common problem of some cars, when the Evap sys gets overloaded with vapor, and fumes.

unfortunately the solution seems to be replacing the cannister.

look at the following link for info.

although this is for toyota, in principle it applies to your car too. read down the first page.

Bad news. I checked a few of my favorite sources, and I could not find a listing for a purge valve or charcoal canister for this car. You may be stuck with the dealer part.

V4? Wow, just like a Saab Sonnet!

If the CEL is off you may be able to pass an emission test. It depends on the method used in your state.

I suggest having it tested. If it passes, you’re good to go until the CEL comes back on, at which time you can replace part no. MR 552720. If the car fails the test, buy the part and install it.

That’s why I love Mitsubishi,they like to keep everything in house,so people don’t play in unknown playgrounds and foul up the works(GREAT corp to work for.