Hello all!
I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Diamante LS. I know I know, but I am a poor student (emphasizing poor), and this car is paid off. Anyway, A couple months ago I drove through a puddle, water splashed up into the engine area and my car died. I was able to start it an hour later (after it dried out, I guess) Since then, there have been a couple times that it wouldn’t start right away, it took a good 20 minutes for the car to start after the initial try, both of these times have been after a heavy rain. And now, occasionally, I smell a slight electric burning odor. I replaced the battery after the “driving through the puddle” incident. I just hit 80,000 miles. Obviously there is one or more issues I need to deal with, I would just like some possible input/suggestions as to what it sounds like to the professionals. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!


Likely you’re just experiencing those electrical demons that haunt all of us. Try this:

Get a spray bottle of water, wait until it’s dark (the darker the better), and fire her up.
Over the valve covers (you know what those are, right?), you’ll see the wires connecting to the spark plugs/coils. Spray your water there. Watch for a little light show, which indicates there’s a problem with those electrical items, and they’re arcing to ground. Note them (draw pictures if you have to), and ask your mechanic to check them out.

Chaissos’s suggestion is a good one, but I want to add this proviso:

When leaning over a running engine–especially after dark–make sure that no items of clothing are dangling in such a way as to be snagged by the serpentine belt!

Thank you!!!