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Mitsubishi alternators

I am on my third (3rd) alternator in 2 years for my 1999 Montero. The 3rd one lasted 1016 miles and 8 weeks. The chain repair shop will replace it but questions whether a Bosch remanufactured would go bad that quickly. The dealer I had it towed to said electricity is going in but nothing is coming out. A web search shows many a montero customer going through 3-5 alternators once the factory original goes bad. The dealer recommends, in fact will only use alternators from the factory, but the chain put in remanufactured. I fear that neither one of them is spending any effort on why they are going bad, just replacing them. Anybody else have alternator problems like this?

The shop should know how to check the replacement alternator to make sure it is working like it should be. Certain conditions can cause the alternator to think the battery isn’t charged up when it is really ok. This will over work the alternator and damage it prematurely.