Missouri emmissions inspection on 1989 honda civic


SUBJECT: Emmissions Testing on a 1989 Honda Civic

2 years ago in 2005, this was done by MRTT (Missouri Recognized Repair Technician):

Diagnostic Test $75.00

Valve Cover Gasket 49.90

Replace plugs/plug wires 68.70

Cap and Rotor 39.90

Fuel Filter 24.90

Bypass Hose/Clamps 12.72

Oxygen Sensor 84.66

Labor 112.50

Shop Fees 16.66


Tax on parts only,

At 7.6148% 23.81

Grand Total $508.75

Now in 2007, it has failed Emmissions Testing on Hydrocarbons and Oxides of


I know it probably needs a new air filter, but otherwise, what else could it need?

I just had a new alternator and a new radiator hose put on.


Catalytic converter and EGR system work. Those can go at any time. Any time they feel like quitting.


I don’t know the car well enough to even begin to guess, but no car should ever NEED an new air filter. Air, fuel and oil filters along with plugs and wires and oil should never be allowed to get to the point where they need to be changed. It sounds to me like you are allowing maintenance items go until you are forced to do something. This is expensive in the long run. All those items should be changed on a regular schedule. It is even possible that by doing so, you might pass an emissions test that you would otherwise fail.


How many miles on this “Classic” Honda??