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"Missing/hesitation problem with 2002 Camry

Hi: My 2002 Camry does not run smoothly. The engine feels like it is missing or bucking at all speeds. However, there are sometimes when it seems to run ok, i.e., I don’t detect any missing/bucking. I had my mechanic who specializes on Toyotas look at it. He kept the car for a couple of days but could not diagnose any problem. I then took it to the Toyota dealer but they could not identify the problem either. They said that the diagnostic machine did not indicate any problem. Before I spend almost $800 on replacing ignition wires and spark plugs (mechanics indirectly suggested that), I wanted to see if anyone has experienced this problem. I used high octane gas for several tankfuls without any change. I also put a bottle of ignition cleaner fluid in the gas tank…still no change. The car has about 55,000 miles on it and has been relatively problem free since we bought it new.

It would be helpful to give a basic rundown of a) the maintenance history of the car - whether everything is up to date, and b) anything you know about what your mechanic & the dealer did in terms of diagnosis. There are lots of possibilities.

You might also clarify what about plugs and wires would cost $800 - ??

Besides those $800 spark plugs and wires, I am fascinated by the prospect of a bottle of “ignition cleaner fluid”.

I have never heard of that type of product.

I’ll bet a corn muffin that he means injector cleaner.