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Miss in engine

I have a 95explorer that develeped a miss afeter about a week after express oil changed wires and plugs.Took it back they said it was dead clyender 90lb compression in #4 does this sound right for it to happen suddenly?

Most likely a coincidence unless you had the miss when you left the express oil change place. Why did they replace the spark plugs and wires?

Just curious. Did they say were the compression loss was going? A leak down test or pressurizing the cylinder can be used to hear where the air is going. If it is going into the intake or exhaust, you are looking at a leaking valve. If it is going into the crankcase, you are looking at piston or rings. If it is going into the cooling system, you are looking at a head and/or head gasket.

Please post back.

Sounds to me like you need to go to another place as I am thinking it is a bad spark gap, wire, or connection. I think someone needs to fix their mistake.

They said just said it had low compression like its not fireing when driving problem with coolent

You didn’t tell us why you needed to replace your plugs and wires. Was your engine showing symptoms? Then you had a pre-existing condition and they hoped a simple plug/wire replacement would cure it. Apparently your engine had a more serious problem at the time.