Mismatched Tires on Jag X-Type

I was in a recent minor accident and had a number of repairs done.I’ve just picked up my car and it’s now very noisy. The shop told me everything is lined up as it should be but the insurance co. will only replace one tire. Is this likely the cause of the excessive noise and is this also bad on several levels including that I have AWD?

One tire with a broken belt or tread separation can cause a great deal of noise. RrRrRrRrRr. Those sort of issues are common after an accident. You do have a valid point about AWD and replacing only one tire. Whose fault was the accident? The OTHER GUYS insurance should want you happier than that.

I hydoplaned in a rainstorm,spun around a few times and went off the road,so unfortunately,I’m dealing with my own overly-thrifty insurance company. They replaced the one tire with a different tread and the other three have very different wear,too. I thought insurance was supposed to “make you whole” and my car was very quiet before the accident. I’m hoping that if it’s a safety issue or because I have AWD,that they must at least replace two of the tires! Are there any compelling arguments that I can give them?

See if the owners manual or owners website has any verbage on replacing 4 tires vs 1. Also a Jag dealer may be able to put the entire diagnosis in writing with a quote that you can submit if that is the issue.