I changed plugs wires and car started drove 32 miles to work started loosing power fuel pump seems to b fine check engine came on then started flashing worked 10 hours and car won’t start 98 Buick v6 3.8

Before I changed plugs code reader says random multi cylinder misfire

What does the code reader say now? Obviously the plugs were not the problem, and whatever was causing the problem has now totally failed.

The answer is in a mayonaise jar, hermetically sealed, resting on the front porch of a home 3 miles east of Tim Buck 2.

Just a SWAG, if the plug wires were failing the coils could discharge through the module and toast it. Often the module will continue to limp for a while after new wires are installed. If there is no spark from any of the plugs most of the McParts stores can bench test the module. But more information as to the problems prior to plug wire replacement, total miles on the car, prior maintenance, etc., could result in some better guesses.