Mis-firing 1999 Grand Am

We have a 1999 Grand Am, 120k miles, it is mis-firing and won’t accelerate and the check engine light comes on; already replaced distributor cap and spark plugs - any thoughts?

Did you read the codes from the Check Engine??? Start there!!

Oh yea… that is what is so frustrating… codes do not show anything wrong!

Have you replaced this thing? http://www.autozone.com/Ntt,fuel%20filter/shopping/allResults.htm

The check engine light is on & there are no trouble codes??? Sounds bogus to me.

In most states Autozone will pull the trouble codes for free.

Or if you happen to live in California Autozone will loan you a code scanner & you can simply pull the trouble codes yourself.

Get the code/s & post them here.

Thanks - I’ll get those codes and post. Right now they are saying “ignition coils” (at least 1 of them is bad). We do live near an Autozone, so will keep that in mind. Thanks for the tip.