1998 Pontiac Grand Am - Bucks (gently)

My 1998 Pontiac Grand Am GT, 123,000 miles seems to gently buck a little when going up a grade at highway speed.

Does the Check Engine Light start glowing at that point?
Or–God forbid–does it start flashing/blinking?

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What is the condition of the spark plugs / wires. A weak coil can cause this, engine on a flat road OK but breaks down under load. IIRC each coil drives 2 plugs.

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Which engine is in this Grand Am? It matters greatly. If it is the 2.4 “Quad-4” there are some very specific and well known culprits under the hood that can cause the symptoms you describe. The V6 is an entirely different animal.

What do you have?

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Thankyou for the feedback. My 98 Grand Am GT has the 3.1 6 cylinder engine.

What about the fuel filter? Those are often kind of out of sight, out of mind.

However, a weak coil, plug wires, or spark plugs could also cause this kind of problem. So when was the last time the fuel filter, plugs, etc were changed; if ever?

If the fuel filter has never been changed then don’t be surprised at some point if the fuel pump decides to die. That is sometimes a side effect of driving for a long time with a partially clogged filter.

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Grand Am GT 1998 has 123,000 miles, fuel filter changed at 60,000 miles and new plugs and wires put in at
95,000 miles. I am going to look into replacing coils and see if that helps eliminate the bucking feel while on the highway.