Minivan won't crank



My 2002 Toyota Sienna minivan will turn over but won’t crank. I have replaced the battery and checked all of the fuses. Any ideas? Thanks.


Engine turn over is the same as crank.

You mean it will crank but not fire up?

Disconnect the air intake hose at the throttle body and while a helper tries to stsrt the engine, spray a SHORT burst of starting fluid in.

If the engine fires up, then quits almost immediately, you’ll know you have a fuel supply fault.

If it doesn’t, then you may have a lack of spark.


You really need to clarify. “Turn over” and “crank” are basically the same thing.

I have to assume that you mean that you turn the key, the car goes rrr…rrr.rrr…rrr as it normally would but then it never starts. Perhaps you meant to say it will turn over/crank but it won’t “fire up” - ?

If that assumption is safe then the first thing it makes sense to do is find out if you’re missing fuel or spark. Turn the key to on so that the dash lights all light up, but not so far that it cranks. When you do listen for a humming noise from behind you that should last about 2-3 seconds. That will be the fuel pump. If you don’t hear it then you need to check the relay for it or you might just have a dead pump.

If you hear the fuel pump you’ll want either a spare spark plug or a spark tester to check for spark. If you have none that narrows it down to ignition.

Also get a can of starter fluid - blow some into the intake and try it. If it fires up, even briefly, then you need to troubleshoot fuel.


Yes…it goes rr…rr…rr but will not start.
Thank you for your suggestions. I will try and see what happens.