Minivan shopping (used) : Low TCO


We currently have a 98 Windstar with 136k miles. We bought it in 2001 with 81k miles. It has been a fine vehicle for us.

We are approaching the 10 year mark for our windstar where we begin to consider the replacement possibilities.

We prefer to purchase our vehicles used in order to get a lower TCO (total cost of ownership).

We expect to keep our vehicles until they are 10 - 12 years old.

We are not slaves to TCO. We won’t keep a vehicle past the point where we consider it to be dependable. We also are willing to pay up somewhat for a more comfortable/reliable vehicle.

We never need to carry more than 4 people, so we will probaly take out the third seat.

We are retired. We only put about 7500 miles/year on our minivan, so we are not afraid of purchasing a vehicle with higher miles if the price is right.

Anyone have any thoughts/suggestions?




We have a 2003 Olds Silhouette and are happy with it. It is the most comfortable of the early 2000s GM minivans. It’s resale value is low, and that is good for you. Drive one and see if you like it.