Minimum Starting Voltage Switch

Looking for something that can monitor the battery and turn off power to auxillary devices (electronic devices plugged into a cigarette lighter adapter) when the battery runs down to the minimum voltage required for starting.

My first instinct tells me to send you to the RV world for this device. They deal with all those battery devices.

Thanks for the suggestion. I called car and RV places who both thought I was crazy… I may be. Found the answer: It’s called a priority start, works with 1 battery and normally used by LE, Fleet and Heavy Equipment. Thank you!

There are lots of battery low voltage disconnect circuits to be found on the web. I have never looked for a plug-in device.

Don’t some inverters for automotive use incorporate these?

Small electronic devices like iPods or CD-players use practically no power and can be used for days without running the battery down. Anything that really drains it will require an inverter to run which, as B&B mentioned, usually have a low-voltage alarm.