Homemade Memory Saver

I want to plug a memory saver like the one pictured into the OBD port when I disconnect the battery so I don’t lose the radio & computer presets. The problem is I’m too cheap to buy the portable booster battery that it’s meant to be used with. I could park another car close by and use its cigarette lighter, but I don’t have the space. Me question is: could I just use alligator clips to connect the OBD port to the battery in the SAME car? Would that damage anything or confuse the poor little electrons?

Or you could just get a 9 volt battery and clip it to the battery leads before you disconnect it. Even cheaper than that OBD adapter thingy.

Thanks, PP, but I ruled out the 9 volt option because it might not be strong enough to last very long especially if a door or trunk opens and most of the small battery is wasted trying to keep the lights on.

Sure as long as your existing service battery has dual posts so you can make the connection before disconnecting the bus cables. BTW, you’ll want to include a fuse right at the battery in case you short out your alligator clips. They do sell the female sockets with flying leads to make interfacing a little less cumbersome and possible to short out. BTW2- don’t forget to use a blocking diode if you clip a 9 volt battery directly to the service battery or you may get a nasty surprise.

Just reprogram the radio, the computer will take care of itself.

Sorry, but why are you wanting to disconnect the battery?
I do not see your reasoning to do so.
However, for whatever reason, if you need to do this for theft protection or whatever you should just buy a small 12v battery (mini battery - RC car or mini lawn mower) to hide (and clip/wire it appr to neg and pos in order to keep your radio/elec settings). This can be done permanently and in a hidden place.
FUSES are Definitely Required in any case.
Be very careful of your Airbag requirements.
Your Dealer should be able to help you in the appr. applications.
Hope this helps.

Thank you all very much for the help!