Minimum driving to maintain 2005 Honda CR-V

We love our new Chevy Bolt, which we recharge from the solar panels on our house roof. Our question is use of the old car, a 2005 CRV (also a great car). Since we virtually never need a second car, how much does it need to be driven? I need to make a trip every other Wednesday of about 30 miles round trip. If I use the CRV every other time (once every four weeks) would that be enough? And, if so, when should I change the oil and oil filter? I previously changed oil at 2,500 miles, but that would be too long under this new regime.

Why spend $$ to keep a car you don’t really need?

Driving twice a month should be sufficient to keep the battery charged and the fuel fresh. Change the oil once a year, I have customers that don’t drive much that change their oil every 18 months without problem.

You might need a second vehicle at times, if for example you arrive at home after a day out on the road, the battery needs to be charged but you want to go to the store for something or need to make a 500 mile round trip drive in one day.

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Two highway trips a month should do it. In the winter you might want a battery minder if you are skipping those trips. The important thing is to get the vehicle thoroughly warmed up so all the condensation is driven off and no sludge is formed.

We had a guy in town here who played Santa Claus every year. He had a big old Cadillac with steer horns on the hood. The car was driven very little, but he kept it well maintained.