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Mini me

Anybody have any information on the new S-10?-Kevin

It’s made by GM.

Do you mean the 2015 Colorado?

Guys, check this out


I believe @jtsanders was on the right track

They couldn’t very reasonably have called it a Colorado in Latin America. It literally means ‘colored’, but in most contexts it means ‘red.’ The Colorado River carried a whole lot of red sult before it was dammed. I think they should find some new name for the US, as the Colorado had such a terrible reputation, though the name makes a certain kind of sense with Silverado as its big brother.

Thanks,a friend of a friend(who is a salesman{the FOF}) sent Him some info on a smartphone-Kevin


They should consider keeping the Colorado name . . . in case it turns out to be another POS

That way, at least the expectations might not be very high

I was thinking the same thing. The Colorado name is tainted even to someone like me who doesn’t buy trucks.