Mini cooper countryman

What is the general opinion of the Mini Countryman? I am looking for a new car.

Well, I call it the “big MINI” because it stunned me the first time I saw one in traffic. It was almost as big as my minivan, and the MINI emblem on the rear hatch was bigger than the license plate. As you consider it, keep in mind that this car is designed and built by BMW and will have BMW-like repair, maintenance, and operating costs. Premium unleaded fuel is required, European spec synthetic oil is required (that stuff is usually $8-9 per quart, and an oil change can run nearly a hundred bucks, and I would NOT push it to the suggested 15k mile oil change interval since we have had MINI owners on this site complaining of sludged and/or seized engines), repair parts are going to be expensive. Many people seem to think the MINI is an economy car, but it is not. It is a novelty car. They are more expensive than most cars to keep and maintain. If you are fine with these caveats, go for it. From what I have heard, they are fun cars, but so is anything else built by BMW.