Mini Cooper Base


Is the base cooper (non-s) able to maintain speed on hills and accelerate adequately for passing at highway speeds? I currently drive a matrix (which is obviously not a power car) and am considering buying a mini cooper. If I go with the non-s, will I have at least the power of the matrix?


I test drove the base Clubman, and yes, it does have plenty of power to spare. I imagine if you were carrying 4 other people in the car with you and their things, it might get a bit iffy, but you’ll have no problems


Much more power as the Matrix is heavier.


Curb Weight: 2546 lbs. Horsepower: 118 hp Torque: 114 ft-lbs. Cooper base
Curb Weight: 2679 lbs. Horsepower: 126 hp Torque: 122 ft-lbs. Matrix base

Had to hunt for the Matrix info on Edmunds. I have no idea why it was listed in the sedan category


Test drive one on your favorite big hill. That’s one of my tests. There’s a steep, long hill near my house (and several auto dealers). If the car downshifts excessively going up that hill, it’s off the list.