Mini cooper 09 p1062

The other day i was driving an it started it cut out i pulled over. Tried to start the car. Cranks over nothing wrong with that. The description on the fault was, varible timing (bank 1)
Full stroke position not reached.
Possibly causes wiring at vanos
Possible DME fault.

Can anyone had this before or know what it could be like a solenoid or whatever. Sorry not the best at this but any help would be much appreciated

Most likely the sensor that measures the variable valve actuator has failed. The car goes into “limp home” mode or just won’t start to protect the engine.

Even though the error code says it is the sensor. If it doesn’t reach full travel it could be the solenoid. The solenoid is $65, the sensor is $225 at RockAuto so I’d be inclined to replace the solenoid first just because it is cheaper. If that fixes the problem then you don’t need the expensive part.