Mini Cooper ('04) - water leak from accelerator and clutch pedals

Hello, folks ~

A problem developed with my 2004 mini that is increasingly disturbing… A few weeks ago I found about three inches of water in the driver’s side footwell. I bailed it out and checked all of the seals–door, sunroof, windshield, etc. No evidence of any leaks there, and it never had a problem before I parked in in Nov. (2013). I looked for any explanation, and in desperation I pumped the pedals with my hand, and water streamed out from the openings for the accelerator and clutch, filling the footwell again.

This was after a rain. Popped the hood, can’t find anything that looks particularly wet or drippy. Checked the windshield more carefully, nothing. I am surprised that the car doesn’t smell like mold or is musty or anything very much. What I’m afraid of is the floor of the car getting destroyed. I bail regularly, but every rain brings back the problem.

Potentially important: I parked it in Nov. because the clutch died. It’s a $3000 repair, and I’m not inclined to do it because we don’t need a second car at this point. I need to sell it, of course will have to disclose and I worry that this may make it unsellable, even if/when I fix the leak. BUT I won’t know until it’s fixed. Also, it is green, in case that matters. (just a little joke, there.)

Thoughts, answers??

Thanks very much for any information ~

I’m guessing water is accumulating in the windshield cowling due the drain holes being clogged. It wasn’t parked under a tree by any chance?

Just curious, was the 3k estimate from a dealer? An independent mechanic would be less expensive.

Ed B.

I suspect it’s the same thing. If it’s been sitting, whatever drains are at the windshield are probably clogged.

I just replaced my clutch and it was approx $1800 by an Independent shop who bought the clutch from the local MINI dealer. It had 110K miles on it, though only half of those were mine.