Mini clutch kit costs


My 2003 Mini needs its first replacement clutch. It’s got 101,700 miles.

Is $1,400 reasonable to remove the transmission and replace the clutch? I’m not sure if it’ll need the flywheel yet, so I suppose this repair may cost a few hundred more?

I appreciate anyone’s advice or experience. Thank you!

I have an s10 that needs a clutch. I got an estimate of $600-$800. $1400 seems a little high. Shop around and see if anyone will do it for less. Also most of the cost is in dropping and reinstalling the tranny. So you should get the Pressure plate and throwout bearing replaced as well, and maybe the slave cylinder, As to the fly wheel, I’ve heard both ways on that. Resurface, replace don’t worry, consult another source on that.

It is more work to replace the clutch on a front wheel drive car than a rear wheel drive truck. Don’t forget the mini is made by BMW. If you live in different parts of the country prices vary by region.

Thank y’all for the responses–and I’m in Texas. Mini asks for $300 more for parts/labor; and this shop has treated my car great, so I plan on paying for what I get!