Mini Clubman fuel system

A problem cropped up in September 2014 w/ my 2012. When attempting to pump gas, the nozzle would click off as if the tank was full even though there was less than half a tank. Eventually, the click off occurred as soon as I squeezed the pump handle. The dealer ran tests and discovered a “fault in the tank valves” . They then replaced the tank. All other tests returned clear of problems.

However, the situation has resurfaced. I took the car back to the dealer, the Tech came with me to the fuel station and he had the same problem with the shut off when at full pressure. Tests were run again - no red flags and all operation good. Corporate’s solution – “push pump all the way in as far as it will go and fill at a slightly slower rate.” Implying operator error??

Has anyone else had this issue or heard of this issue?? I travel a lot and do not want to be stuck at some random station on the highway trying desperately to fill my tank!!!

Please note - the dealer has been extremely helpful. Corporate instructed them “to replace no parts.”

Are you in the habit of forcing more gas into the tank after the pump has clicked-off for the first time? If the answer is “yes”, then you have identified the source of the problem.

Continuing to force gas into the tank after the pump clicks-off will eventually damage the carbon canister that is the heart of the evaporative emissions system, and that type of damage is not covered by warranty.

You said the tank has been replaced and apparently that seemed to fix it for a time. The problem may be a design flaw in the tank itself.

The 2013, 2014, and 2015 Mini Clubmans are known to have a defect in the fuel tank/vapor recovery system that impedes filling the tank with gas. I know you said yours is a 2012 model year, but it may have a similar latent defect.

I suggest finding a Mini forum online. There should be other owners with the same problem and who may be able to tell you if Mini has found a solution yet.

Some stations do that ro my car, I find if I pull tne nozzle out a bit it helps.

The reason the pump shuts off is it has a sensor that measures the air pressure at the fill-point, and when that gets high enough, it automatically shuts off the nozzle. That’s to prevent fuel spills at the gas station. As the new fuel enters the tank, the air & fuel vapor that is in the tank, above the fuel level, has to go somewhere to allow room for the new fuel. If everything is working correctly, it goes into the charcoal canister. There’s often something called a “purge valve” involved with all this. That system is called “evap recovery”. But if all that isn’t working correctly, the air & fuel vapor has no place to go so it is compressed by the rising fuel level and quickly builds up pressure as the new fuel enters the tank, and the aforementioned sensor shuts the pump off.

So the most likely causes are:

  • Charcoal canister is on the fritz.
  • Purge valve, likewise.
  • Kinks or opens in fuel or vent lines.
  • (Per the above post) Known defect in design of tank and/or evap recovery system.

About the last one, you might want to see what Consumer Reports says about this vehicle in their “Reliability Guide”. They list all the common known design issues, and which ones the manufacture is offering help in various forms, like extended warranties.