Milwaukee right angle die grinder to cut off swaybar links?

I have sway bar links that are not coming off. I have a milwaukee right angle die grinder with cutting wheels. Does it matter the side of the cutoff wheel I would use to cut the bolts with? The passenger side I would have to use the right side of the cutoff wheel and the left side of the cutoff wheel on the driver side.

To be specific the passenger side top nut came off but the driver side top nut is spinning and rusted shut. Tried a map torch and high impact wrench. Bottom nuts on both sides of sway bars have no room for impact wrench and no leverage or room with a breaker bar.

2006 sonata gls 3.3

Go for it. Left side/right side. The wheel does rotate ya know? Sparks go up, sparks go down. Just watch for where they go. I usually end up using a thin cutoff wheel and change to a grinding disk to knock off the stub.

You probably have a vise or at least clamps. Use an old bolt to practice on then you will have your answer .

make sure to protect your eyes with safety glasses. keep some water around in case a spark gets in your clothes.

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I’ve got a DeWalt angle grinder. I use cut off wheels, grinding wheels, and sanding discs. Handy little device and truly one of the most useful tools I have. I don’t remember how I cut mine off but the thing is you have to have a firm grip in case it kicks back. Firm grip and just a little bite at a time. Mainly an issue of what you have room to get in there with.

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Yeah, no room for grinder on lower part of sway links, tie rods are in the way. Will try to find a mandrel that is around 6-8", if not then I’ll just use a small hacksaw.

An alternative is to use a Dremel tool with a reinforced cutoff wheel.
Small enough to get into those tight spaces and with the reinforced wheel powerful enough to make quick work of that rusted bolt/nut.