Mileage on a classic


just bought an 83 chrystler new yorker. nly 53000 miles BUT lousy mileage.

do i save gas by shifting into neutral and coasting down hills??




NEVER SHIFT INTO NEUTRAL WHEN COASTING…It’s dangerous…and in many states illegal.

The New Yorker is a BIG car. Not too sure what you can do to increase gas mileage.


Your best bet is the usual, boring stuff: fresh air filter, spark plugs, ignition wires, cap & rotor, PCV valve, proper tire inflation, correct wheel alignment, and a gentle right foot.

What IS your fuel economy? Is the “Check Engine” light on? If this baby has an oxygen sensor, it could be “lazy” enough to affect fuel economy without tripping the light, though.


You would save fuel, still bad idea as others said. Run a vacuum test. Possible plug in exhaust or CAT converter, I usally toss Em, makes even a little 318 (?) like ya got happy. check that Vac. advance is working, as applicable.Probally got a switch to block the vacuum if not warm or in high gear. make shure all well, or switch to directly Ported Vacuum. will be better. How bad is bad milliage to you. ? Ain’t a little rice burnner, so don’t expect it to run as one. A good thing! Carry X-tra Ballast Resister. A Lean Burn/ “Elect. Spark Control” Mopar will leave ya stranded otherwise.


That thing is like the Marines want for use in Iraq. True, it’s not a 72 New Yorker, but it’s about as much a of a gas hog as you could buy without getting a Suburban back then. There is no hope of good economy with the kind of weight you are pulling, other than getting train wheels and driving on the tracks. Car pool with other tank drivers and you could get three times the gas mileage.


I was going to say trade it for a 73 but a 72 would do.


This car is not a Chrysler Land Yacht. It’s a baby NYer with a 4 banger and the mileage should not be THAT bad.

What kind of mileage are you getting? If it really is bad then maybe some diagnostics, maintenance, and possible repair of a sticking choke flap on the carburetor could solve the problem.


I have a 73 New Yorker, last of the real land yachts equipped with a 440 4 barrel - gallons per mile is the appropriate term.

I believe this car is directly influencing world gas prices.


Yes, coasting down hills will save gas, doing it in neutral saves slightly more gas. Coast whenever you can, towards red lights, towards stop signs, I even coast up hills if there is a red light ahead of me that I have to stop for.

Illegal? So is speeding. I have yet to hear of someone getting a coasting ticket. It’s one of those laws that only gets used if someone disobeying it caused a problem. Dangerous? Your common sense will tell you if the situation is dangerous. If it overtaxes your brakes, you didn’t start coasting soon enough.
The more you coast and the less you use your brakes, the better your gas mileage will be. Get real good at outsmarting the red lights and your gas mileage will even go upside down, that is your city mpg will be higher than your highway gas mileage.


Yep, it’s a so-called “Super-K car”. FWD, transverse 4 cylinder.

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No…and why would you expect good fuel economy from a 24 year old tank? The best way to lower your fuel expenses is to drive less.


Does the car like similar to this:

This is a 88 and it came out with the 3.0 V6. Is your engine the 2.6 liter or the 2.2 liter engine. Both are 4 cylinders. I’m finding that 99% of them were made with the 2.6 liter engine. It also is FWD.

This is not a “BIG car”. As suggested above I would first run a compression test and if that checks out ok then if it’s been awhile since it has been tuned up I would. As asked earlier is there a CEL?


You are right. The 83-88 New Yorker wasn’t the huge boat that its predecessors were. It was only 15’7" long and 5’8" wide after all. ( Check out ) It had a slightly more aerodynamic nose and got front wheel drive in 1983.


chrysler has a memory computer it remember your style of driving you do. if the old owner only drove a few miles the computer sets things to run rich try and disconnect the battery for 5 minutes and it resets the memory. it will remember your type of driving. sounds nuts but true