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Mileage Honda

on this weeks program a single fellow was asking for help on his Honda car that was maybe putting of potential women…he talked about the high mileage of the Honda. i think it had a an HF after the model. what can anyone tell me about these cars

When I was looking for a Civic back in 97, I had a choice between an LX, EX HX,. All the other models had a choice between an auto, or a manual. The “HX” had what they called a “Continuously Variable Transmission”. It was some kind of automatic that was “smart” and would continually vary the gear to the speed, or something like that. I went with the manual, and never looked into the HX, other than to remember that odd transmission. Allegedly, it got better fuel economy because of it. I’d bet money that it was the HX that was mentioned in the show. I missed that caller.

Could it be the caller was overweight, bald, living with his mother, and unemployed? I don’t think the Honda is the real problem here. Well maybe the Honda is the problem if the doors are bashed in, it has rust holes, and is belching smoke.

I didn’t hear the show, but if the Honda was an HF it was probably a 1984-1991 CRX. The HF versions of these cars were anemic little things that could barely get out of their own way, but their mpgs were awesome. I know guys who are still getting around 45-50mpg in theirs.

There’s nothing about the car that would be particularly off-putting to girls (at least, not the sort of girl who’s worth a damn - but the type who would avoid a guy because he drives a CRX is the type that won’t go out with him unless he’s in a convertible, preferably from Italy).

I’d guess UT is closest to the mark. Something about the guy is driving them away, unless his car is a heap.