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Did all 1984 Honda CRX's get 70 mpg before they were recalled?

RE: “Rich Armistead’s Honda CRX Recall Story”:(You can find the above story on June 1, 2008 with a Google search in the Kalamazoo Gezette, near Detroit.)

After reading my younger brother’s gasoline mileage story, very carefully, and correcting my own thoughts:

I’ve concluded that his old 1984 Honda CRX that did and can still get 70 mpg may have had a leak (after it was recalled and modified by the Honda dealer) in its vacuum hose connections----and that my brother fixed it, accidentally, when he replaced the “new horseshoe shaped gadget” with a normal piece of copper tubing.

But, if more people had the same “recall correction” problem and reduction of gas mileage, then:

Perhaps, the new secret gadget might have intended to block the vacuum advance in order to conform with existing California Politics, started by Gov. Ronald Reagan and friends in 1968, which detuned all existing American Engines that had dominated the California Automobile Market since about 1940, and increased the gasoline consumption to officiously and obstensively to reduce California SMOG by keeping more cars at home.

As many know, ignition timing is reduced by about 15 to 20 degrees with any loss of vacuum in the hose connections on older cars. So, the added “Recall Gadget” may have intended to block or reduce the vacuum advance, to conform with existing (and phony) California SMOG Control Rules, which were instigated by Gov. Reagan and the Republican Oil-Conspiracy Party; who, by the way, started pumping oil from Elk Hills, a National Oil Reserve, for more oil profits in about 1976 to 1980.

Prior to Gov. Reagan’s Reign, like Bush, Elk Hills, CA. was our major oil reserve for future World Wars, if any.

So, perhaps my youngest son, Andrew Armistead (now 40), an ex-NASCAR Crew Chief, who is living nearby in Milwaukee, should drop-in and Road Test that old 1984 Honda CRX, or buy it, just to study the function and intent of the questionable recall gadget, which appears to have reduced the gas mileage from 70 mpg to 35 mpg on all Honda CRX Motorcars in 1985, after Ronald Reagan “our Hero” became President!

And, there may be over 1000 more of these 1984 Honda CRX’s for sale that are still running and only getting 35 mpg, instead of the original 70 mpg, and can be fixed to get 70 mpg, again, by removing the horseshoe-shaped recall gadget, like my brother.

So, read his story and fix your 1984 Honda CRX, if you are only getting 40 mpg or less, before you advertise it or sell it to a museum as a Political Collector’s item.

P.S. Several are FOR SALE on E-Bay for about $2000 or less.

Are you wearing an aluminum foil hat? If not, Big Oil might be reading your thoughts.

Gee, when I bought my house I found a small box of mysterious “horseshoe shaped gadgets” in a Honda parts box. Would you like to buy some?

(just kidding guys).

Are you off your medication again Shake.

My response to this post is lying in the pasture right down the road.

Feh! We don’t need any of that stuff. Not after we build highways that are downhill in both directions. I just know it’s possible 'cause I saw M.C. Escher’s blueprints for just such a road.