Mice destroying wiring in two cars. HELP in Santa Fe!

Mice have eaten the coil that holds the wiring in my 2004 Jag sedan and the airconditioning/heating system in my husband’s 2004 Nissan Z.

Cost thus far over $4000.00.

You can buy various spray repellants that make anything smell and taste awful. It’s usually sold in pet stores to keep young dogs and cats from chewing on things. One we use it called “Bitter Yuck!” and it’s made by Garmon Corporation, 27461 Via Industria, Temecula, CA 92590, phone 888-628-8783.

It’s non-stick, alcohol based and will not leave a residue.

In view what you’ve already spent, a $12 bottle of this may solve your problem. guaranteed to work with cats and dogs.

Most poster will believe you have something other than mice; most likely squirrels or raccoons. I’ve had squirrels chew through the lids of my plastic garbage cans!

Thank you so much for the quick response! The mechanics found mice feces and nests and thus, felt certain of the finding. (Both cars) The riot is that so many people around here have this problem…good for the mechanics, I would guess!!

Get a cat. Wait, a Jaguar is a cat right?


Pepper spray, as used in “personal defense” products, works well…

But at some point you will have to consider rodent population control…Traps, poison bait…

I am having a very similar problem. I have a 2007 Camry Hybrid and 2009 Camry 5-speed. I live in the country and I thought I had a simple mouse problem. They were bringing dry dogfood into the cabin air filter and storing it like a personal kitchen, then started chewing on wires under the hood (first a radio wire, then a turn signal…) But now the problem is much worse - I have to find out where a RAT (not a small cute mouse, but a rat with a body the size of a Coke can) gets in and out of the cabin of the car! (no I don’t leave the windows/doors opened - I have dogs and other animals that would hop into the car and get their muddy prints everywhere.) I killed one with rodent poison after it stole various items and then chewed a foam can-coozie into dozens of little pieces for nest material. It was apparently living in there with me as I drove over 800 miles one week. My question is - where did it get in and how can I block that entrance?? (no way it squeezed through the normal mouse-sized spaces like air vents, unless it had been in there since it was an infant)

Pine Sol is supposed to be a good deterrent for critters.

At least it’s cheap and has other uses as well (great carburetor cleaner)

You’d be surprised at how small of a hole it takes for a rat to get into your car.

I’d bet you’re missing a rubber plug someplace, it could be in the truck under the spare tire, or the firewall, or under the car or it’s coming through the vents there are holes big enough for a rat to make it’s way into your car. The part of your system that blows onto the floor generally don’t have a grill over them and the is big enough for a rat.

Your best bet in finding out where the rats are coming in is to carefully inspect the car from top to bottom in and out, check for any hole bigger then a nickel, remember if the head will fit so will the body. You might have to put the car on the lift.

My opinions are subject to change with new facts.

“Paint” everything with pepper spray or Tobasco sauce…


My 2004 Lexus 430 has been eaten twice in the last 6 mos. The first time the dealer charged me (insurance) $10,500 to replace 2 wiring harnesses. Oh yes, before I knew my car was eaten I parked a loaner in the same place----$7500. Well now I have it at a private repair shop awaiting insurance survey and damage assessment. I have read up on this and it seems a lot of new wiring is made from soy product and is very tasty to our rodent friends. What to do? So far I’ve read there are “sonic” waves, rat repellant for wires, very stinky stuff, mothballs, etc. None seem to be totally effective. I suppose I could kill all my squirrels and put traps out for mice, etc. It all seems to take a lot of enjoyment out of just having a vehicle for transportation. If you find a solution please post A BLOG. It may be as simple as getting a cat and leaving it out by the car. CB