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Metal shavings found on top of Rack & Pinion near U-Joint


While inspecting under my cars hood I noticed there were metal shavings sitting on top of my cars steering rack (in particularly where the pinion comes out of the rack) just underneath the U-Joint that connect to the steering column.

This is a brand new rack and pinion I got installed 4 months ago along with a new steering pump.

Is this concerning? What could of caused this?

Thanks in advance.

That could be related to the power steering lose in your other thread . Seems like the first step would be to have the shop you had do the work look at it . There might be some warranty on it. And Yes this could be a real problem.

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Yes I just called them and left a message.

Getting the splined pinch coupling to mate with the pinion shaft properly with the wheel properly at the centered position can be a pain resulting in repeated efforts before getting it straight and it is possible that running a rat tail file in the splines to dress the mating edges was required to avoid hammering on the connection.

Proper assembly is much easier if the steering wheel is locked into the center position and the pinion marked at the center location with all splines deburred before mounting the shaft.

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That is a very informative response and I thank you for it!