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Metal Noise in Right Front Suspension of a 97 Honda CRV

I own a 1997 Honda CRV, 2.3 L, 4 cylinder with about 135,000 miles. About a year ago I noticed a noise in the right, front suspension. It sounded as though two metal plates were rattling together. I took it into my mechanic who told me that one of my shocks was leaking oil and needed to be replaced. I told him to proceed and replace all four shocks. The noise did go away. Fast forward eight months and I started noticing the noise again. This time I paid much more attention to when I heard it. Here are the conditions:

-Highway driving


-Turning right

-Driving downhill

Typically, I hear the noise when two or more of the above criteria are met. I?m starting to think the problem didn?t have to do anything with my shocks and was really a powertrain issue. Does anyone have any thoughts on what this could be and what it will cost to get fixed?

Sorry, it’s a 2.0 L engine. Automatic transmission. The 2.3 L is the wife’s car.

Bumpy roads do not aggravate this situation at all? (I’m thinking sway bar links) any potential for skid plate,heat shield connection? Having trouble matching your noise to the conditions.Hope I helped

The noise usually happens regardless of road condition. In fact, I usually notice it more when on smooth roads. I read somewhere that this could be a wheel bearing. The noise happens most often when I am decelerating, turning right, downhill.

I just had all the control arms checked and the right front replaced.

Hope that helps.

you need sway bar bushings

Have you replaced the stabi-bars? There is one on each side and they are about 4 inches long and have ball joints on each end. My 98 CRV needed them about the same mileage.