Merry Christmas folks!

Merry Christmas folks, have a safe and happy holiday season! Rocketman

Same here Merry Christmas to everyone…and be safe on the roads.

Merry Christmas to all. Mrs. Triedaq had foot surgery last week–it wasn’t serious but she has to stay off her feet as much as possible. I prepared our Christmas dinner and we didn’t have to call the fire department. It’s been a couple of hours since the meal and so far we haven’t had to call the paramedics.
Best wishes for 2015.

Merry Christmas to all you Gear Heads and Knuckle Scuffers.

And best wishes to Ms. Triedaq. She’ll learn not to dance with you!!!


happy holiday to whatever holiday you observe.

Yes merry Christmas to everyone. I always allow four hours for any food borne ailments to manifest itself. If you make it four hours you re good to go.

Merry Christmas to all. I have to hit the gym tomorrow, after work, will see if I make it.

This year’s Christmas message from HRH QE II contains a lot of inspiration for us all, IMHO:

With celebrities coming and going over the years, the only constants in my life since my teens have been the Queen of England and Billy Graham, the feisty evangelist.

God bless them both!

Ah yes, Billy Graham, who loved to sit with his good friend, Richard Nixon, and discuss why they both hated people of the Jewish faith. I would use a term other than “feisty” for that bigot.

The way that people act and talk when they think that nobody else is observing them reveals their true nature, and Graham was not aware of the White House taping system when he talked about his decidedly NON-Christian views.

@VDCdriver Thanks for the revelation. What I know about Billy Graham is only what I saw on TV and read.

I just finished reading David Pietrusza’s book “1960” about the 1960 Presidential election. Neither Kennedy nor Nixon nor the men surrounding them were bastions of morality. It is amazing that we did come out of that time period with civil rights.

Ah, if only we could hear all of @VDCdriver’s past private conversations…

Trust me, you would probably be very bored by all of my conversations–both past and present-- but in any event, I find it interesting that you apparently want to defend “the good Reverend’s” blatant bigotry.

I wish you all the best for this holiday season and beyond. Not to be a Scrooge, but it seems like the subject has wandered a bit beyond mere greetings. If possible, could you redirect it to something more car-related? Thanks.

yeah I m with cd on this one, forgive them for god s sake (and your own) and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Hanukkah too. and a kool kwanza. a super solstice for you pagans out there.

@cdaquila For what it’s worth, the queen of England is/was actually a qualified mechanic! During WW II she volunteered for the Motor Pool as a driver/mechanic. There are many photos of her with greasy hands and driving ambulances during the Blitz in London.

Thank you for keeping this unruly gang on the straight and narrow and enjoy the best of the seasons.

P.S. I was named after St. Nicolaas, the Bishop of Smyrna, who became the Patron Saint of Children and became Santa Claus, a derivation of St Nicolaas, as introduced by the original Dutch settler of New York.

@Docnick‌, I think you just performed a Christmas (err…Boxing Day?) miracle. I truly doubted we could get back from Billy Graham to cars, but you did it.

Cheers to all.

Yes, indeed!
HRH QE II was a driver/mechanic for the British military during WW II.

If the President of the U.S. goes to England, Queen Elizabeth could drives the limo and President Obama would ride in the back seat. This,would be a Royal reverse version of “Driving Miss Daisy”.