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Mercury Sable Laboring and Noises

Hey all! I’m having two issues with my car. FIrst, when traveling at average speeds between 25-50 miles per hour my car often seem to labor a bit and sounds like I would imagine an electric car or go-cart would sound like. What might be causing this? Could this issue be related to needing new spark plugs or is it something more serious?

Second, when I transfer from driving at high speeds to low speeds i.e. from the highway to suburban roads I hear a sounds like a flying saucer coming from the back of the car. It is not incredibly loud, but it is definitely distinct and noticeable. Any thoughts on what this might be?

Check you exhaust system for a crimped or collapsed pipe. If the exhaust is building up pressure to get the gases through a small openning, the engine will labor and there will be a whistling/hissing sound to the exhaust. Have someone stand on the side of the road as you drive by at the critical speed and see if s/he can hear it.

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