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Mercury Milan

Would a 2007 with 72k miles for $5,000 be a fair deal? It’s in pretty good condition.

John just how many cars are you going to look at? Are you just seeing things on the web. You can get 20 different thoughts on any car you name. What might be a fair price in one area might not be in another.

Seems a bit high, but without maintenance records no way to tell if it is good shape or not. If you are serious take it to a mechanic to give it an inspection, best money you can spend before you buy a used car. Check out Edmunds and other sites to get a comparison of used car prices

You can ask us all you want, but finally it’s up to you.

C’mon guys, it’s always nice to have someone to bounce your thoughts off of when looking for a car… especially a used car. Helps with the “decision dissonance” (see prof, I did retain something from that psych elective I took 40 years ago!). :smile:

Yeah I’m just looking off the App. Lots of different cars and someone on here mentioned the fusion would be a good buy for around 5-6 grand… And I figure the Milan is basically the same car right ?.

But anyways thanks again for all your guys help and insight. :slight_smile:

Haha exactly @“the same mountainbike” , I’m just trying to see what your guys opinions are that’s all

What’s your budget?
What are your needs? Your preferences?

Back in '93 I passed on a new Mazda 929 because the wife wouldn’t let me. The wife’s opinion is a “need” too. The 929 was, IMHO, a fantastic personal luxury car. The dealer, whom I’d bought a number of cars from, let me take it home for the weekend.

@“the same mountainbike” just looking for a daily commuter that holds a pretty good reliability rating… budget is around 5-7K. . Smaller sportier cars are nice for the drive and gas mileage … But I do have a soft spot for the panther platform haha old American V8 there. Plus I know what the maintenance is already on them

The vehicles in the 5 to 7 K range can only be judged on the vehicle it self. Just because that brand has a good reputation does not apply to every one of them. A Milan does not meet the criteria for a small sporty car.

American V8? Not in a Milan, inline 4 or V6 only. Panther platform? You are confusing the Milan with the Marquis.

No, sorry I didnt mean to confuse there. I was referring to the panther platform of cars. . Thats what i meant by the American V8. . You know for an engine that size the gas mileage wasn’t terrible @oldtimer 11

If it is well maintained, it might be a good deal. Is the ad by the owner, if not, you might not get repair records. Try to find a car for sale by owner and meet the seller to get an idea of how the car was maintained. Sometimes when you watch the owner close the door on the car, you’ll move on. Always haggle.
With any car I buy I visit their specific forum to know the quirks esp for each year/etc.