Mercedes e500 4 matic


Dealer quoted 950 for labor and 1400 for left front active strut. I later talked him into doing strut replacement, plus front brakes (new pads, new rotors, labor), all for a grand total of $2200. I think it was a good price - all MB parts, MB dealership repair and warranty. Plus rental car for 4 days included in the price. I dont think any independent mechanic would have done this price.


It is a good deal. You got the front side brake work done too, and a bill less than just the parts and labor for the strut. Good bargaining job there OP!!! :slight_smile: Proves once again, life’s a flea market .


Congratulations on a successful negotiation and repair. You earned it.


Life is more than a flea market if you try conciliation. I hammered away with the dealer on conciliation opposed to confrontation. Hammered the message its holiday season - cut me slack, lot of expenses, kids, you are doing the right thing, your dealership is where I always come, will always come blah blah. He went from 3000 to 2200 when you count in rental car. I took it right way.
PS: If I had only tried the confrontation route - Hey some nuts on car talk told me you are frickin expensive, other guys are cheaper than you tune, it may not have gotten me anywhere. Or so I think.


Some NUTS on CarTalk : Could you clarify which ones .


is the dealer the only place you can buy a genuine mercedes strut? too late now. its done. just asking


No. Other independent MB shops do too. But I found them to be as expensive as dealerships with labor rates. For instance fletcher jones labor rate is 150/hr while independent shops are no better. SF area is expensive.


i meant can you find a genuine MB strut online for less? there has to be some vendor that has them sitting on shelf and wants to get rid of them. my caddy had electric variable struts that were $500 each. i found a dealer than had some for $250
my car was built just prior to stabilitrak and the struts were only tweaked for ride stiffness. the next few yrs they went to the trak system where the struts were adjusted to tweak body roll and the abs would kick in on 1 or more wheels and try and control spinning out issues. so my fancy struts were actually not that special