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Mercedes e 320 1999

  1. new spark plugs were put in by authorized dealer at 111,000 miles 18 months ago. Same dealer, without checking their records, have advised new plugs plus wires. Aluminum plugs are supposed to last beyond 80,000 miles. Any advice?

    2)Also being asked to a) replace waterpump and thermostat as I had complained about a tiny additional engine noise when idling only, and b) transmission electrical connector reseal to rectify a small burning odor that I noticed only once several days ago.

    Please advise regarding 1) and 2 a) and b). Any idea of costs of these items parts and labor?

Why is the car at the dealer/repair shop? You have mentioned possible “solutions” but no “symptoms”. What problems are you having with the car?

Long-life plugs are generally platinum, not aluminum.

The car was having a very slight jerky change for the first two or so minutes occasionally after start from a very cold overnight situation. Problem would then go away. Wanted transmission checked.

  1. The wires were not replaced at 111,000 miles? They couldn’t see the new(ish) plugs without some dis-assembly, and as you say, assumed the plugs were old. My advice is new wires only.

2a) I’d replace the thermostat every 4-5 years in a daily driver. If the water pump is making noises its remaining life is short. I would replace hoses and coolant too.

2b) Get it fixed before it fails.

There’s no need to take an out-of-warranty car to the dealership.
A good independent non-chain shop will cost less.