Mercedes benzz

I was on the express way and I heard a pop noise when I was driving, when I got to my destination I noticed I couldn’t reverse any thoughts or suggestions?

What year, miles, and engine? When was the last time the transmission fluid was changed?

Beyond checking the transmission fluid level for proper fill, perhaps checking the linkages, there’s not much a diy’er can do when their automatic transmission won’t shift into reverse except to make an appointment at their auto repair shop or transmission shop.

Yup. Have it towed to a reputable tranny shop.

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1990 165k miles v8 420 sel and i dont recall getting the fluid changed i just got the car

Best of luck.
Let us know how you make out. We care, but there’s nothing we can do from our respective locations. It needs a good tranny shop to look at it hands-on.

Nice car. As SMB said, find a good, independent transmission shop. Bring a wheelbarrow full of cash, too.

This transmission is just an old-school 4 speed automatic, complete with vacuum modulator. Doesn’t have any computer controls. I believe the only solenoid is for kick-down

It should . . . theoretically . . . be a breeze for an experienced trans guy to rebuild/repair. There’s actually no shortage of diagnostic and repair manuals available. And I’m talking manuals specifically geared towards trans rebuilders